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6 New Trendy Jewelries Chosen by Our Beloved Celebrities!

Written by Cansın ALPYILDIZ


Posted on July 09 2017

Lets take a quick look at the Trendiest products chosen by Celebrities!


1. Chokers

Kim always makes a statement in the fashion industry! These Super Trendy Chokers are available here.
Other Cute and Trendy Chokers/Necklaces, here.

2. Chain Bra

Essentially the embodiment of dreaded "festival fashion," the bejeweled accessory is a jewelry-lingerie hybrid that looks exactly how it sounds: It's a set of chains, shaped like a bra,, a bodysuit, or any other so summer piece.And Celebrities rocked these bras


Kylie Jenner starts the new style Bra or bikini trend ,if you want to steal her look and be sassy, you can get it here

Rita Ora also wears them for her daily fun and unique look.It's one of the hottest items you can own to look sexy and super trendy this summer! Shop the bra here.
We have all kinds of different styles chain bras here 
You can reach also other type of chain bras eaisly here  

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3. Head Jewelries

Head? Jewelry? Jewelries on top of your hair? Or is it hair holder?
Here we have the Trendiest Head pieces.
Inspired by the one and only fashion icon Kim Kardashian.
Yes the Kardashians change the fashion game into a whole new other level!
and we love to get inspired by their beautiful and creative style!
Want to get the Kardashian look at affordable prices? Shop here.

4. Ear Cuffs

As Madame Garderobe preps Belle for that iconic ballroom scene, 

she adds a few finishing touches to her ensemble.

By magic, a strand of gold creeps up our heroine's ear, forming a delicate ear cuff.

It's so fresh and unexpected that we found ourselves instantly smitten.

It's the sort of accessory you'd find on a girl in a bar in 2017 (worn on just one ear, too),

and to see it being worn by a Disney Princess we all grew up admiring makes it even relatable.

Get Disney Princess's ear cuff here.

You can find other TOP Trendy earring and ear cuffs here.

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5. Furry Phone Cases

Kendal is also one of the members of Kardashian/Jenner family,that whatever she would wear instantly becomes a trend and everyone goes crazy about it ! :)
These cute furry phone cases are an absolute must ! get them here 
Also other styles,like Rabbit Fur Cases you can shop here.
Other unique phone cases can be found here.
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6. Sexy Leg Chains

Vanessa Hudgens And Lindsay Lohans are one of the many celebrities that love to rock a sexy leg chain,that makes every outfit different,fun and definitely hot !
Other styles of leg chains shop here.

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